Recent Before & After Photos

Contaminant Cleanup

Sometimes taking on a DIY project can daunting task leaving you with unpleasent result.  Outside of looking like an eyesore, contimanants can be costly to ... READ MORE

Roof Tile Damage

Often a leak within a house is a result of roof damage.  Sometimes hail or strong gusts of wind will affect the tile roofing we see in the Southeast Tucson... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Tile Caused Water Damaged Ceiling

As you can see from the pictures, a lot of water was getting in through a broken tile on the roof. It had soaked the insulation in the attic and caused the dryw... READ MORE

Sunday Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

This carpet cleaning was done on a Sunday morning in Tucson. As you can see, the living room area's rug was heavily stained. The stain was removed with our comm... READ MORE

Temporary Roofing In Sierra Vista

A monsoon storm typically has wind gusts in the 75 mile an hour range. Especially in the more rural areas of Sierra Vista. This home had a major part of the roo... READ MORE

Green Valley Carpet Cleaning - Before & After

This was a heavily stained carpet before we showed up! Our concentrated pre-treat carpet cleaning solution can remove even the toughest of stains! In some cases... READ MORE

Green Valley PVC Stain On Garage Floor

This was a PVC glue stain on a garage floor in Green Valley, AZ. Very sticky and dyed blue. Our treatment removed the dried on stain in minutes.

Sahuarita Tile & Grout Cleaning - Before & After

This was a tile & grout cleaning in Sahuarita, the difference is night and day in the photos. The grout color in particular is dramatically cleaner turning from... READ MORE