Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Green Valley Monsoon StormWater Penetration

When a wicked Arizona monsoon damages a flat-roofed home in Green Valley, water damage must be mitigated quickly. The Before Photo shows a soaking of the walls ... READ MORE

Sahuarita Monsoon Strike

The winds from the monsoon sheered off a section of the roof in this Sahuarita home dumping water and debris inside the residence. SERVPRO technicians can arriv... READ MORE

Monsoon Flood Damage in Tucson

The roof was severely damaged during a Monsoon event in the Tucson area, and the gaping hole in the roof allowed copious amounts of rainwater to enter. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Sahuarita Storms and Monsoons Flooding

Monsoon flooding can disrupt construction of buildings in the Sahuarita area. When concrete foundation slabs are drenched with stormwater, mitigating damage mea... READ MORE

Roof Tile Damage in Tucson

Often a leak within a Tucson house is a result of roof damage. Sometimes hail or strong gusts of wind can affect the tile roofing we see in the SERVPRO of Sout... READ MORE

Temporary Roofing In Sierra Vista

A monsoon storm typically has wind gusts in the 75 miles an hour range. Especially in the more rural areas of Sierra Vista, the effects can be more damaging. Th... READ MORE