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Our Experts At SERVPRO Will Save Your Tucson Property

8/3/2019 (Permalink)

Reach us at (520) 648-7360 year-round, 24/7.

One Premier Contractor From Start To Finish Is Why SERVPRO Rates At The Top In Tucson

When water, fire, mold, or storm damage disrupts your comfort and security in Tucson, you need a team of highly-qualified recovery specialists by your side. Our dedicated managers and technicians do not rest until your home is cleaned, dried, sanitized, repaired, and odor-free after any disaster. With decades of combined experience in the mitigation, remediation, and restoration of residential and commercial property, we are excited to rise to the challenge of making it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage
Modern construction practices tend to enclose plumbing and appliances within walls and cabinets. The sleek, built-in appearance is pleasing to the eye but lulls the homeowner into believing all is right when a water disaster might brew behind building materials and fixtures. Maybe an odor or an uptick in your bill alerts you to seek out water damage in your Tucson dwelling. Do not delay finding professional assistance for these concerns.

SERVPRO often helps solve hidden water leak mysteries. We strive to catch a problem when it is small and manageable, but we also have the training and equipment to handle substantial damage. Our technicians master the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses needed to deliver the restoration industry’s best practices to your water disaster no matter the size.

When we arrive, our technicians use thermal imaging devices and moisture meters to locate any hidden water. After turning off the supply line, we investigate further, removing kickboards under cabinets or pulling appliances from their niches. If devices reveal water behind walls controlled demolition techniques like flood cuts or holes permit access.

We pump out or extract any standing water and assess how to reduce moisture levels in porous structural components. Air movers and dehumidifiers help pull absorbed moisture out of building materials. If we find evidence of any mold or mildew, we consult with you about scheduling remediation. Cleaning and sanitizing with EPA-registered products otherwise complete the remediation, preparing the space for any needed reconstruction.

Fire Damage
Even a seemingly minor blaze extinguished quickly can spread fire damage throughout your Tucson house. Failure to manage the harm done by heat and smoke at the onset can mean progressive damage to the contents and structures of your home. Lingering odors also become a permanent, issue, making your once comfortable abode an unpleasant place with constant reminders of the unfortunate fire event. Be proactive and ask for help from our professional fire recovery team.

SERVPRO frequently responds to kitchen fires that appear limited in effect. Unfortunately, we find that the protein-based soot produced moves to areas far from the ignition site on super-heated air currents or through operating HVAC systems. The residue is nearly invisible but discolors walls and fabrics swiftly. Its corrosive nature damages paint and furnishings over time. The stench it emits is strong and long-lasting.

Our employees are familiar with the different types of soot caused when various materials burn. We seek out all surfaces compromised with any fire residue and match cleaning products, tools, and methods to the coatings. Protein-based soot clings tenaciously, needing agitation and possibly abrasive products or tools to dislodge. Solvents are sometimes used.

Deodorization is a multi-step process. SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians (OCT) try a range of techniques until the odor is eliminated from your perception, which varies from person to person. If deep cleaning is inadequate, we use enzyme-based products, thermal fogging, hydroxyl generation, or ozone machines to alter the odor-bearing particles chemical composition.

Mold Remediation
Mold damage in Tucson is a concern that arises more often than one might expect given the relative dryness of our area. The reality is that mold spores exist everywhere on earth, inside and outside of every dwelling. They provide a needed function outdoors, reducing organic waste to elements that can recycle into the soil.

Indoors they cause nearly no concern until they find a source of water and the time to absorb the moisture and grow. A hidden leak, a spill that was not mopped, and even condensation dripping from a clogged air conditioner drain is a meal for an opportunistic mold spore. Once generated, the spore begins growing and multiplying, creating more spores and eventually a colony of fungal organisms.

SERVPRO mold remediation specialists use an effective protocol published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to contain, remove, and inhibit further mold growth. When we apply this approach in your home, expect the following:

    •    Containment of the moldy surfaces
    •    Removal of the mold
    •    Vacuuming and cleaning of the area
    •    Disposal of the moldy debris per local codes

Once we remove the mold, an application of an EPA-registered antimicrobial prevents the natural resurgence of mold growth. The best way to improve the odds against future mold damage is to eliminate the moisture that caused the initial growth. We help you accomplish this by arranging repairs and counseling vigilance.

Storm Damage
Much can be said about the surprise new residents of Tucson feel when storm damage includes flooding during the monsoon season. Fortunately, our crews are familiar with the yearly phenomenon and are ready to bring you their skills and high-efficiency equipment to help sort out a flooding event in your desert home.

Rarer and potentially much more catastrophic is the addition of a lightning strike and fire during one of the seasonal storms. Even if your home was not in the path of a flash flood, the bad luck of a direct hit from the highly charged atmosphere could result in significant fire damage as well as the collateral water damage from firefighting efforts.

SERVPRO is a full-service disaster restoration company. We are ready to manage complicated disaster scenarios such as this. Our managers and technicians hold multiple certifications from the IICRC, permitting the response team to move from task to task seamlessly.

Fear not when we are on the way to your home after a storm-related electrical fire. Our green trucks hold many resources and as well as our highly-skilled employees. The extensive experience our “Hero Team” possesses makes it clear your family’s needs and expectations will soon be met and exceeded. Our reconstruction specialists are eager to show you what it means to persevere until everything inside and out of your storm-damaged home is restored to preloss condition.

Rely on SERVPRO of Southeast Tucson / Sahuarita / Green Valley to meet all your disaster cleanup and restoration needs. Reach us at (520) 648-7360 year-round, 24/7.


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